Mold Remediation at Excellence Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Mold is probably the single most unsightly problem that can afflict a home. It's a very basic type of fungus that thrives in cool and poorly circulated areas in the home.  

Mold will mostly start somewhere like a closet or under your home and can be a real issue when it spreads throughout the house. The stuff can absolutely ruin the atmosphere, creating ugly and blotchy stains on the walls and ceiling. If you find that you have a mold problem then you can contact Excellence Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Kennesaw, GA to care this problem before it gets even worse. We specialize in mold remediation or removal.

Mold infestation can result in worse things than lower property values and unpleasant home environments. Excessive infestation can actually pose a health hazard to residents. Mold spores get into the air, which might cause or worsen allergies.

If your home has been assessed with a mold problem then you might want to call for mold remediation service. Our qualified cleaners will be able to perform a deep cleaning to remove any mold in your home and recommended ventilation techniques so problem doesn't recur.

Kennesaw, GA, residents in need of a mold remediation service can find it by contacting Excellence Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. We also have air duct cleaning and our standard carpet cleaning service.



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